A/B Testing

A structured approach to testing means you won’t get left behind by your competitors.

At RedEye Optimisation we launched the concept of UX and data driven A/B Testing and Experimentation. We continue to innovate rather than follow the industry. We tailor our approach to your testing and personalisation needs. Whether you’re seeking improvements to your sales conversion rate, more revenue per visitor, greater average order value or to boost customer satisfaction, our unique ROI calculation model will help you to continually demonstrate the improvement in performance on a test by test basis.

A/B testing

An Extension of Your Team

When you don’t quite have the right expertise or simply lack the time to undertake testing in-house, RedEye Optimisation is here to help. We can help you with any area of the A/B Testing process, whether that is helping you come up with ideas, building the tests, or analysing what worked and what didn’t afterwards.

"Ensuring we are increasing conversion on forms like this brochure download form, across our site, is imperative for us. RedEye have been a great help in aiding us to make changes to our website that have a great impact."

Optimisation Manager, Kaplan

Just some of our A/B Testing work

Big, Bold Tests

We encourage you to create bigger, bolder A/B tests, that push you outside of your comfort zone. We want you to see big results and to do this we help you create bolder tests.

Working with RedEye Optimisation to drive your A/B Testing means:

  • Bold thinking

    Bolder testing ideas, that generate improved results for your website

  • An extension of your team

    We become an extension of your team, freeing up your valuable time

  • Full support

    You can rely on our CRO experts at any point in the A/B Testing roadmap

People working together on CRO

What do we do?

  • Help you generate lots of great testing ideas
  • Build and deploy your tests for you
  • Create a full testing framework
  • Use analytics to assess the impact of your tests
  • Take on your end to end A/B Testing – that’s one less thing on your plate

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