Customer Experience

We work with you to form a customer experience strategy that allows you to focus on the whole picture. Our services help you to understand not just what your customers are doing now, but what you can do to keep track of, and influence, their changing goals.

Our approach to customer experience strategy is based on a unique combination of insight gathered about your customers from every touch point, combined with research carried out by User Experience experts. This is how you will put the customer and their wants and needs at the centre of everything you do.

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Team meeting

Bringing the Team Together

CRM, web, acquisition, retention, outbound, marketing, product… you need to bring these stakeholders together to ensure your business talks to the customer with a single voice. We are experts in running stakeholder meetings to ensure knowledge is shared and a central solution can be achieved.

We put the leg work in, so your customers don’t have to. We can help you with:

  • Identifying pain points

    Customer journey mapping that helps you pinpoint any pains in your customer journey

  • In-depth customer insight

    Generating in-depth customer insight giving you a much clearer picture of your audience

  • Customer centric framework

    Putting in place a customer centric business framework and the training your organisation needs in order to support it

Always Evolving

The customer never sleeps. What works for your customer one month, might not work the next. The optimisation of your customer experience must be continually evolving. Keeping up with your customer can be hard, but with the support of the team at RedEye Optimisation you can make sure you are offering them the most personalised experience.

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