From Google Analytics to Conversion Rate Optimisation [pt.2]

Blog / 11 Jul 2019

In our latest series of digital optimisation insights, we look at how Google Analytics can provide you with specific CRO ideas. The first article, which you can read in full here, touched on:

  • Where Does My Traffic Come From?
  • Where Do Visitors Land On My Site?
  • Where Do Visitors Drop Off From Their Purchase Journey?

Today we look at... 

1. How do visitors navigate My site?


Where to find it in GA: Behaviour > Site content > All Pages > Navigation Summary [Top] // Behaviour > Behaviour Flow

What will this show: This shows the page flow within the site when visitors start their journey.

What can be taken from this report: It gives a top-level summary of the site journey that visitors are taking. This can help you understand how they are researching to find products, and how the site navigation / search 

Potential CRO ideas: Look for repeat behaviour and see if there is a pattern. This may suggest that the navigation is not working as much as it should. Consider segmenting traffic of "non-purchasers" to further understand where visitors are dropping off.

In essence this report shows which "path" users take as they navigate through your site. Ideally you want users to follow the path you present them to maximise conversions, however there are distractions and barriers along the way. 

A/B testing is by far the best approach here. Look at how you can improve imagery, copy, CTAs, offers, validation of selection e.g. clear item added to basket...


2. Which devices / browsers I should focus my effort on?


Where to find it in GA: Audience > Mobile > Overview  // Audience > Technology > Browser & OS

What will this show: Device usage / browser usage %

What can be taken from this report: Device reports show the performance against devices! Meaning you can prioritise your efforts on high traffic / low performing devices. Browsers report can potentially flag any anomalies – be careful if you have got a high drop off from a given browser – something might be broken for those visitors using that browser. 

Potential CRO ideas: Naturally this is about focussing on a specific device at a high level rather than coming up with granular ideas for improvement.

Focus on your main devices/browsers. There is little point in optimising for very low traffic, low converting browsers.


3. Do I have any opportunity to personalise my site based on Geo – Location?


Where to find it in GA: Audience > Geo > Location

What will this show: You can drill this report down by Country / City / Continent / Sub continent. Generic report showing the bounce rates, conversion rate performances.

What can be taken from this report: Is there an opportunity to personalise specific landing pages based on where the visitors are coming from?

Potential CRO ideas: Personalise landing pages based on geolocation at a city level. Personalise – delivery / return information? For example, if there's different delivery charges depending on city / country, only display those options.

Geo targeting is a really simple way to add relevancy. Any contextual personalised content will engage users and is relatively straightforward to introduce with personalisation tools. 

That's all for today. In the upcoming, final article we'll look at:

  • What's My Site's Bounce Rate Compared To My Competitors'?
  • How Many Touchpoints Are My Visitors Making To Convert? What's The Performance Of Different Touchpoints Together?
  • Query Specific Segments (e.g. Non-Purchasers)