From Google Analytics to Conversion Rate Optimisation [pt.3]

Blog / 22 Jul 2019

Today we wrap up our series of articles on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). To read the first two blog posts head here.

While these reports can be used in isolation, it makes sense to consider them in relation to one another to get a better understanding of where to focus your CRO efforts.

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1. What is the bounce rate of my site compared to my competitors' website?


‚ÄčWhere to find it in GA: Audience > Benchmarking > Channels / Devices / Locations

What will this show: It will provide a top level comparison of Acquisition and Behaviour metrics, but not conversion metrics against competitors.

What can be taken from this report: Compare your website with competitor sites. Note, the info remains anonymous i.e. it does not show the names of the websites it is comparing your data against. And you will only get this information when you opt to share the data from your site as well – anonymously.

Potential CRO ideas: If you notice a sudden drop of new visitors coming to your site against other companies, you can potentially dig deeper to understand where your visitors are going and where to increase your outbound marketing efforts (marketing channel and acquisition perspective).


2. How many touchpoints are my visitors making to convert / what is the performance of different touchpoints together?


Where to find it in GA: Conversion > Multi-Channel Funnels

What will this show: Combination of channel grouping / touchpoints and their conversion rate and revenue. 

What can be taken from this report: How the combination of different touchpoints helps visitors to convert – if there are opportunities to reduce cost for specific ads etc.

Potential CRO ideas: From the overarching customer journey, you can devise how to personalise the journey based on where they are coming from, how they are interacting with the site etc.


3. Query specific segments like non-purchasers


Where to find it in GA: You will need to create the specific segment – such as Non-purchasers.

What will this show: Segmented performance

What can be devised from this report: How the specific segment is performing and what can be done for that segment. Also compare the performance of one segment against another segment.

Potential CRO ideas: Personalisation

Use this insight to drill down into a specific audience i.e. a segment. Beyond looking at the performance of a particular segment such as "non purchased" – this report can be useful to surface what is working for your best performing segments vs other segments, and for example help you decide where to compromise if there's a conflict between two segments.

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