Why Conversion Rate Optimisation is like competing at The Olympics

Blog / 13 Jul 2016

Tags: CRO / Olympics / UX

Do your website visitors fall at the first hurdle? Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) may call for athletic stamina and precision, but is actually a lot easier than you think. Discover why CRO is the Olympics of marketing and follow our handy tips for landing page optimisation to triple jump your conversions.

You need to know your limits with heavy lifting

Avoid flashy banners and other bells and whistles that can cause your web pages to lag. Google has some handy page speed insights to help your page loading get over the finish line faster.

Landing page copy needs to be a perfect 10

If your landing page doesn’t have the information your visitors are looking for or convinces them to convert, your competitors will take the lead. Be sure to create truly relevant pages populated with high quality content for perfect 10 landing page optimisation.

You shouldn’t jump the gun

Capture your visitor’s attention before asking them to take action. Show them how they can’t live without your product (think demos and tours) before asking them to sign up for it.

You know your team colours

The colour of your Call-to-action (CTA) button can have a drastic effect on your conversions. One webmaster saw conversions high jump by 32.5% after changing the CTA button from green to red. But that doesn’t mean you should sprint to change all of your CTA buttons; it’s just about what pops against your website background.

You need to include the right keywords in your line-up

If your site is showing up for irrelevant keywords, you’re likely to end up with visitors who aren’t interested in what you have to say. Don’t let them feel as out of place as a lifeguard at an Olympic swimming race…

Lifeguard at the olympics

Your site needs to be mobile friendly

Mobile friendliness is now as instrumental to CRO as Ashes of Fire is to the Games. If North and South Korea can be friendly enough in this viral selfie, your website can be mobile friendly in no time. Use Google’s mobile friendly test to see how your site stacks

Girls taking a selfie at the Olympics

You can hit the headlines with your need for speed

You have 15 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention when they hit your landing page. And your headline is the Usain Bolt of captivating your audience quickly. Headlines needs to clearly communicate what you’re offering, or promise a clear and specific benefit. Do yours?

You need to get rid of distractions and keep your eye on the prize

Automatic image sliders may look good but UX experts say they reduce conversions and can create banner blindness. Similarly, long sign-up forms are just another hurdle for your prospects to jump. Keep things simple to improve conversion rate and landing page optimisation.

You should test yourself

Your website needs to go through training and practice runs before it can go for gold. Discover what good A/B and multivariate testing by UX experts looks like.

And show off your Medals

Include testimonials and reviews to convince your prospect they’re making the right decision. Scrap the silver and bronze and go for gold-standard personal endorsements that truly represent how you’ve serviced your customers. Remember to include any badges for awards you’ve won – word on the grapevine is they can increase conversions by more than 70%.

Need a hand? From personalisation to testing, our conversion rate services and CRO tools are designed to help improve your site so you can win gold in customer experience.