Latest Partnership Offers Consumers the Chance to Win Their Online Basket

News / 03 Jun 2016

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RedEye are excited to announce our latest partnership with Luckycycle, the patented sales promotion tool.

Luckycycle’s technology is shaking up the world of retail promotions by allowing retailers to reward customers by offering them the chance to win what they have purchased. Instead of offering 10% discounts on an item or basket, customers are offered a 1 in 10 chance to win the item or their basket for free.

Luckycycle is also extremely powerful in helping to increase brand’s social media offering as customers are encouraged to share their wins on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

With impressive clients such as Clinique, The Body Shop and Paypal benefitting from the tool, it is clear that retailers are seeing the results from this simple yet effective method of sale.

The partnership marks the growing trend in incorporating gamification into the customer journey to create a memorable and engaging experience along with an element of chance. With many people only shopping on a designated sale day or if they have a discount code, Luckycycle is challenging this concept.

“Just like RedEye, Luckycycle provide a forward way of thinking when it comes to rewarding your customers. Together we can transform a client’s promotion strategy by utilising RedEye’s services to truly understand the consumer’s shopping behaviour, allowing specific targeting using the Luckycycle tool.”

Simon Gripton, Head of Sales, RedEye

"We are very excited by our partnership with RedEye. Our combined technologies will allow our clients to run gamified check out programmes targeting the right customer at the right time"

Nicolas Coppee, Co-Founder and Sales Director, Luckycycle

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