RedEye Optimisation & Econsultancy Optimisation Report 2018

Reports / 05 Nov 2018

Tags: CRO / Optimisation / UX

This is Econsultancy and RedEye Optimisation's tenth annual Optimisation Report (formerly the CRO Report). This research into the optimisation industry encompasses the survey responses of hundreds of digital marketing and ecommerce professionals from a range of companies and agencies within our industry. The research has highlighted the maturing optimisation industry, exploring the approaches many are taking to optimise their customer experience and how many are building a culture of experimentation. 

With the report usually coming at a cost, we are offering the report free to help shape your optimisation and CRO efforts throughout the next year.

The aim is to provide data and a framework to help companies invest their time and resources as effectively as possible, by examining which methods and processes are most likely to yield results.

What you will learn from our Optimisation report:

  •  Why a more structured approach to optimisation underpinned by clear and defined metrics is so crucial
  • The right balance of quantity and quality of tests that are needed as part of a robust experimentation framework
  • How many businesses are now utilising personalisation and which data sources are feeding into this
  • How to get the right organisational culture setup for your business - find out what resources are necessary 
  • We also explore budgeting for optimisation success

Download our report to find out more.

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