Our Company

We are RedEye's sister company - the leading marketing automation platform. We were formed to create an organisation dedicated to delivering the optimum customer experience for our clients.

About us and our leaders

RedEye was born in 1997 and we have been developing great technology solutions ever since. Our people are our lifeblood, find out more about the leaders that drive our business forward here.

Our leaders

We ask our clients - 'Why RedEye'?

Want to know what makes RedEye great and understand why hundreds of big brands trust us with their digital marketing everyday? Watch the video to listen to our clients tell you why they picked RedEye.

Our Partners

When it comes to delivering the most sophisticated solutions, we tap into some pretty big brains and names. Whether you just want to find out who we already partner with, or are considering partnering with us, you can find out more here.

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