The Co-operative Insurance

The Co-operative insurance saw an uplift of 4.63% through A/B testing

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The Challenge

The Co-operative Insurance was looking to optimise their website through the presentation of key car insurance product information, as well as promotional messaging, in a much clearer layout to increase the click through rate on the ‘Get a Quote’ call-to-action (CTA).

The Solution

The Co-operative Group is the UK’s largest mutual business, owned by millions of members. Alongside The Co-operative Insurance, they have the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer, the UK’s number one funeral services provider, and a developing legal services business.

The Co-operative Insurance worked with RedEye to optimise their website through UX-driven A/B testing. RedEye conducted user testing to investigate the customer experience of the website and generate insights and hypotheses for testing. RedEye then held workshops with the Co-operative team to plan a programme of testing aligned with their business priorities.
The test focused on the Car Insurance Product Page layout.

A re-design of the product page to highlight what the product offers and also increase readability of the page will increase click-throughs to get a quote. Two variations were tested against the control.

Variation 1
Introduced tiles below the banner to separate the information, with icons to define the key points.

Variation 2
Also introduced the icons but presented the ‘Why Choose Us’ information as a list below the banner. The variations were then pushed live, with each receiving 33% of the total traffic for a period of two weeks.

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The Results

Variation 1 saw an uplift of 4.63% with 97.67% confidence on “Start a Quote” clicks.

The revised Variation 1 which was a tile view presentation of key product information, was successful in reducing the effort required by users to digest the information. By making this information more visible, Variation 1 was successful in driving an increased number of leads into the quote tool from the car insurance product page, with a statistically significant result.
Analysis of the overall data derived from the test also highlighted a serious blockage within the quote tool itself, with the majority of users arriving at ‘start quote’ failing to proceed through to ‘get a quote’ and beyond. This suggested a key focus for further optimisation.

This has been one of our first A/B tests on our website. As we were still quite new to the optimisation world, we had an amazing amount of support from the RedEye team. They have shown their professionalism and knowledge in this field.

The Co-operative Insurance

To date we have done several tests with RedEye. Their expert advice on what we should test more led us to the site wide navigation bar test.RedEye came up with the design of the new site wide navigation. They had come up with a new look and feel for just shows how RedEye has understood our brand and the guidelines, but are not afraid to suggest something new.This test gave us great results and the new, improved site.

The Co-operative Insurance