20% increase in brochure downloads through A/B testing

Business presentation

The Challenge

Kaplan, a leading professional education organisation, was looking to find a way to increase the number of Kaplan users downloading a brochure from the Kaplan website.

The Solution

The RedEye CRO team worked with Kaplan to make improvements to the brochure download form by adding brochure imagery and using recognisable titles for the brochure types making it more appealing and clearer to users. The hypothesis was that this will make them more likely to continue their journey and go on to download the appropriate brochure for them.

Key changes to the variation:

• Removal of ‘download your free…’ duplicated header
• Added brochure imagery and split into adults and young learners
• Renamed the types of brochures
• Removed phone number help text
• Moved the form field closer to headings
• Right aligned the call-to-actions

Students round table

The Results

Following the A/B test, utilising the new variation, the changes to the download brochure page resulted in an increase of 20.5% of users submitting the download brochure form, changing conversion from 25% up to 30.5%.

This increase is consistent across the initial form fields with a higher increase towards the end, highlighting that the changes not only encouraged users to start completing the form but also gave them more confidence to complete it.

Engagement with the ‘select’ radio buttons in the form also increased across all brochure options but the highest increase was for the pricelist brochures, with an 80% uplift for the adult brochure and 135% uplift for the young learner brochure.

Ensuring we are increasing conversion on forms like this brochure download form, across our site, is imperative for us. RedEye have been a great help in aiding us to make changes to our website that have a great impact.

Optimisation Manager, Kaplan

We were looking for a way to make our customers journey across our website even smoother, giving their journey a clear structure. RedEye helped us to do this by enhancing the mega navigation on our website. We are extremely pleased with the results we have seen from this test and look forward to rolling the changes out.

Optimisation Manager, Kaplan