A/B Testing leads to an increase in website sign-ups of 81.73%

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The Challenge

The Oddschecker site, which went live in 1999, is the foremost online  betting odds comparison service, providing direct access to the best prices from the top bookmaking brands.

Following user testing conducted by RedEye to investigate the overall  customer experience of the Oddschecker website it became apparent that the sign-up and log-in call to action’s (CTA’s) had poor visibility for  users.

Oddschecker wanted to find a way to increase the sign-ups to their website. Oddschecker utilised RedEye’s user experience testing abilities, alongside Optimizely Software to undertake a programme of UX-driven conversion rate optimisation.

The Solution

RedEye redesigned the sign-up and log-in CTA’s so they were more  prominent. This was done by taking the sign-up and log-in option out of the dropdown menu and putting them directly on the navigation. The size of the search field was also reduced in order to accommodate their placement.

Showing clear log-in and sign-up CTA’s in the header will create more  awareness of the online account option, driving more visitors to sign up.

Two variations were used to test the new placement of the CTA’s, each  variation had the same new design in terms of the prominence and position of the log-in and sign-up CTA’s but the form in which users could sign up were served differently.
Variation 1:

User directed to a sign up page.
Variation 2:

User shown an overlay with sign up details on.

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The Results

Variation 1 saw a 406.4% uplift in clicks on the sign up CTA (99% confidence). There was also a significant increase in sign-ups of 81.73% (80% confidence).

Both variations 1 and 2 showed an uplift but overall the results showed that whilst the CTA’s themselves produced an uplift in sign-ups, the overlay version of the sign up page did not have as much of an effect on sign-ups when compared with variation 1.

Following the UX testing carried out by RedEye, Oddschecker implemented the CTA re-design on the website.

We are extremely pleased with the results that RedEye have helped us achieve through UX testing. Seeing such a massive increase in sign-ups to our website, made accessible to us through conversion rate optimisation, we understand how important it is to keep improving our website.

Head of Product, Oddschecker