A/B Testing for Payplan led to a 17% uplift in leads generated

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The Challenge

Payplan wanted to increase engagement and expand its already growing UK market. To do this the company wanted to find a way to generate online leads and increase email subscription.

The Solution

To increase online lead generation, Payplan decided to offer users the chance to download a free Debt Advice Guide and in doing so promote email subscription. An A/B test was created to fi nd the optimal way to display this promotion, without reducing the primary conversion rate for the site; the completion of a debt help form.

Variation 1

A static data capture field promoting the free Debt Advice Guide was developed and positioned on the right hand side column of all pages. This ensured it was always visible but never the centre of attention.

Variation 2

A pop-up window promoting the free Debt Advice Guide appeared when a user entered the site. This variation would give the promotion instant visibility but would only be displayed once during the whole user journey.

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The Results

Variation 1 resulted in a 17% uplift in total leads generated with a 93% confidence. It also had a lower dropout rate and had the best conversion rate for the completion of Debt Help Forms (8.32% uplift). Users who completed this variation were also more likely to subscribe to mailings.

Variation 2 did generate more downloads of the free Debt Advice Guide, however it had a negative effect on other areas. The total number of leads generated on the site dropped by 6%.

For these reasons variation 1 was declared as the winner and is continuing to be used across the site.

We have been working with the team at RedEye for a while now and always value their input into what we should be testing. I’m impressed with their efficiency in setting up and running tests.

Online Marketing Manager, Payplan