Penhaligon's achieve 6.6% increase in revenue per visitor delivered by a mobile product page redesign

Penhaligon's shop interior

The Challenge

As is seen on many ecommerce sites, mobile devices tend to have a lower conversion rate when compared to desktop. Smart Insights report that visit conversion is nearly three times higher on desktop vs smartphone.

Penhaligon’s looked to the RedEye Conversion Rate Optimisation team for help to address this challenge through the optimisation of conversion on mobile. The ultimate objective was to increase conversions by enhancing the product details page.

Through a review of the current product page on mobile, it was clear there were a number of user interface (UI) changes that could be made to optimise the page. As you can see on the control, Penhaligon’s used large imagery which occupied most of the screen. The use of large imagery meant that key content was pushed down the page, such as the product ‘Add to Bag’ CTA, the price, reviews and the product description.

The Solution

RedEye’s solution to overcome this mobile challenge was to design a product page that would allow key content to be seen above the fold, with several elements of the page needing to change to achieve this.

Firstly, RedEye reduced the size of the product image, allowing key real estate on the page to be utilised more effectively. Moreover, unlike shopping for clothes, perfume is a trickier product, as unfortunately we cannot yet ‘smell’ through our devices. This means that product descriptions and reviews are somewhat more valuable to the customer’s buying process.

In terms of the extra space on the screen, RedEye were able to incorporate the price, ‘Add to Bag’ CTA, description, head, heart & base notes, delivery and reviews all above the fold.

Penhaligon's perfume bottles

The Results

The optimisations to the product page mobile version were a success, resulting in a 6.6% increase in revenue per visitor. Following the changes, Penhaligon’s saw an increase in higher value baskets, with more customers adding an increased number of products to their purchase.

Not only that, the conversion rate at the confirmation stage increased by 5%, which could be down to the fact customers are now able to identify the correct information required before they decide to move along the purchasing journey.

Interestingly we saw a significant decrease in the number of users interacting with the image carousel, over 60% less. This meant that users were choosing to view details about the product instead of scrolling through the imagery. Another interesting observation was the increase in customers interacting with the product quantity dropdown, this was increased by 13.6% and would have been a factor in the overall increase in revenue per visitor seen.

As with most other retailers we have always suffered with lower conversion rates on mobile and this was something we wanted to change. We were really pleased with the improvements RedEye had suggested for our mobile version product page and the results we have seen are testament to this.

Digital Marketing Manager, Penhaligon's

The results for this test speak for themselves. The new, clear structure created for our product page is a great success, increase in revenue seen from the page, we are very pleased!

Digital Marketing Manager, Penhaligon's

Not only has RedEye's Website Personalisation technology allowed us to create a journey unique to each customer, it has also helped us to deliver results like no other. Being able to increase our email capture by 56% has had a noticeable impact on our marketing, and the increase in conversion we have achieved is one we didn’t expect to be possible.

Digital Marketing Manager, Penhaligon's