Homepage overhaul leads to a registration increase of 10.21%

Piggy bank

The Challenge

The purpose of the Quidco website is to encourage customers to sign up and reap the resulting benefits of cashback on purchases.

Quidco were aware that there was an opportunity to increase the number of registrations they received and looked to the RedEye Conversion Rate Optimisation team for support.

The Solution

To provide a solution for Quidco, RedEye looked at a number of factors including user research on the Quidco website that had been carried out previously. RedEye combined this research with best practice knowledge and RedEye’s experience to deliver a homepage that provided increased clarity on Quidco’s proposition, in a user friendly way.

Looking at the control, featured below, the hero banner offered little value in terms of promoting what Quidco offer their customers. To combat this RedEye used iconography to better explain Quidco’s proposition, breaking the process down into four simple steps.

The registration form was brought to the homepage, making the journey across the website much shorter for customers. RedEye were confident that by having the USPs and the registration form side by side, it would, by highlighting the benefits and adding easy access to registration, prompt users to complete the form.

RedEye also used Quidco’s association with top brands as a way of adding social proof to Quidco’s brand. This was intended to build confidence and further encourage customers to register.

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The Results

The difference between the two designs was quite significant and so were the results. The new design resulted in an increase in registrations of 10.21%, which was a great success for Quidco.

Additionally, an uplift in users reaching the retailers results page was seen, with an increase of 8.58%. This was due to the new prominence of the search bar on the homepage, presented alongside logos of the top retailer brands Quidco works with.

The redesign of our homepage by RedEye was quite a drastic one, that clearly addressed the results we had seen from our recent user experience research. The movement of the registration form was a very successful one and we are thrilled with results the new design has generated and continues to deliver.

Head of Product, Quidco