Reiss saw a 9.64% increase in revenue through navigation redesign

Reiss shopping bags

The Challenge

Established in 1971, Reiss prides itself on an uncompromising commitment to delivering original and directional design with a strong focus on quality and detail. This focus feeds into their website - their online shopfront. The team at Reiss are always looking to improve the online user experience and decided partnering with RedEye Optimisation would help them achieve this.

One of the first A/B tests they carried out, alongside RedEye, focused on improving their top navigation bar.

The Solution

To address the potential issues highlighted, an A/B test was implemented for a period of three weeks.

In this test the wording of ‘New Collection’ was replaced with ‘Editorial’, the dropdown was simplified to ensure it only included links to editorial content, eradicating the repetitive
links that were previously present.

The order of the links was also addressed, putting the ‘Women’ and ‘Men’ tabs ahead of the new ‘Editorial’ tab and ‘Outlet’ tab. The idea was that this change would reduce clicks to the ‘Outlet’ tab and increase clicks on the main ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ tabs to boost revenue.

Two variations were created, one with the ‘Women’ and ‘Men’ tabs centred, just to the left of the Reiss logo and one where the tabs were to the far left of the navigation bar.

Reiss shopping

The Results

The results for this test show that by changing the order of the navigation bar and changing ‘New collection’ to ‘Editorial’, reduced engagement with ‘New Collection’/’Editorial’ but increased engagement with the ‘Women’ and ‘Men’ tabs. It also transpired that moving the ‘Outlet’ link to the right of the logo actually increased, rather than decreased engagement.

Overall the impact of these changes led to a 2.12% increase in sales and a 9.64% increase in revenue.

As one of our first A/B tests with RedEye we were really impressed with the team, from the consultants that helped us devise test ideas, to the UI designers that made the changes. The results we achieved were great, and I look forward to working with the team at RedEye Optimisation to make more impactful changes to the Reiss website.

Digital Optimisation Manager, Reiss