UX Research & Design

With a deeper understanding of your users, your customer experience will improve. With 8 in 10 users willing to pay more for a better customer experience, getting it right is crucial. We work with you to paint a picture of your customers that drives your decisions going forward.

User Research to Understand Customer Behaviour

We work to tailor our approach to user research to you, by combining data with a wide variety of research methods to improve customer engagement across touchpoints. We help to focus your product strategy, solving critical customer problems, generating insights to keep you on top of changing user expectations and deliver usable, meaningful and engaging experiences for your customers.

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UX design

User Centred Design to Craft the Customer Experience

Putting user centred design principles at the heart of what we do creates a better customer experience. Whether you’re launching a complete new website or app, or looking to optimise the performance of key pages, RedEye Optimisation will support you.

User experience design can be incorporated into waterfall, agile and other approaches. The principles can be adapted to suit the scope, scale and budget of your design project.

Our UX Design services

"We set RedEye a challenge to move beyond traditional market research approaches so we could get real insights into the user experience across multi-channel tounchpoints. They delivered a complex and innovative brief."

Senior UX Manager, Tesco Group Digital Product - Clubcard

Mapping the Customer Journey

Did you know the average customer journey to purchase includes up to seven devices? Our unique data driven approach to customer journey mapping gives you the true picture of what your customers are doing both online and offline. Combining data sources and qualitative insights gives you the context to truly understand critical customer decision moments and pain points. This means that you can deliver a better customer experience and, ultimately, increase conversion rates.

Carry out your UX Research with RedEye Optimisation and benefit from:

  • Variety of research types

    A wide selection of research types that will suit the needs of your business

  • Expert competitor reviews

    Clearly see your position in the marketplace for delivering an excellent customer experience

  • Labs in key locations

    User research testing carried out in purpose designed labs in two key UK locations

Competitor review

How Do You Match Up Against Your Competitors?

Understanding where you sit within the marketplace, in comparison to your competitors, is crucial information. At RedEye Optimisation we combine our expertise in data analysis and user experience research to benchmark critical elements of your online customer experience against your competitors. Once we have completed our benchmarking we provide you with practical recommendations, to address any areas of weakness, to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Usability testing

Usability Testing of Your Customer Experience

Usability testing gives you rich insights into the current customer experience and can help prioritise your optimisation roadmap, as well as evaluating and validating new designs. We provide expert moderation and data analysis, professional user recruitment and bespoke labs so that you can run usability testing on all devices. We employ a range of lab, remote and on-site methodologies to test websites, apps, emails, in-house software, wearables and in-store experience.

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