User Research Labs

User research and testing in our labs gives you rich insights into your customer’s behaviour. We carry out testing for our clients across multiple devices, meaning you can discover barriers to conversion, generate ideas for A/B testing and evaluate designs. We don’t just tell you what’s wrong, we tell you how to fix it too!

Our Approach to Usability Testing

We implement a two-moderator approach which means you gain maximum objectivity and insight into the user’s behaviour. The findings from our usability testing feed into A/B tests on live websites, meaning we are constantly learning and improving our knowledge of how real customers behave and relating this back to our research activities. This knowledge gives us exceptional accuracy and depth of insight when analysing user behaviour. Our levels of involvement in your testing can vary depending on your needs and budget, from RedEye managing the testing in full, to us recruiting users and moderating, to simple lab rental. 

RedEye usability lab

Getting Involved With Testing

Our large viewing rooms mean you can bring the whole team along to watch the testing live. We know that getting stakeholders, product owners and developers to watch real customers using your website, on multiple devices, is one of the best ways to build a shared vision for customer experience in your company. The viewing rooms show live eye tracking and stream exactly what the user is saying, so no nuance of the testing is lost.

"Investment in Usability Testing facilities is so important to us as it allows clients to make genuinely informed decisions about their website, based on real user behaviour."

Susanne Wraight, Head of UX Consultancy, RedEye Optimisation

Watch our Usability Testing

Head here to watch some videos of our Usability Testing in action. Showcasing how our eye tracking software works.

Testing videos

When Lab Based Testing Isn’t the Right Approach

We work our usability testing around you. We offer remote unmoderated testing and fast turnaround iterative testing for agile development. We also run group sessions - a mix of testing and focus groups - that provide valuable insights in the early stages of product development.

Carrying out usability testing with RedEye means:

  • Relevant participants

    Testing participants closely match your target audience

  • Eye tracking software

    Live eye tracking highlights what users eyes are drawn to during testing

  • Clear next steps

    Our UX experts take everything they have learnt while carrying out the testing, translating this into actionable recommendations and clear next steps

User research lab

Location, location, location

We have two labs set up in the UK, with one based in London and the other in Cheshire, located conveniently so you can come along to the testing if you want to get hands on. Or if you are looking to test your website on users further afield, we are the only UK agency that is a member of UX Fellows, who we work with to take our testing international.

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